<Photography Exhibition>
New Year Greetings 2011 (Gallery Mizunosora, 2011.Jan)
TREES (Gallery Zero, Meiji University, Ikuta 2010.Dec-2011.Jan)
Walker's Cafe cultural-typhoon2010 (Komazawa University 2010.Jul)
voice=voyage (Gallery MAKI, 2010.Feb)
Kotoko KANETA solo exhibition"Tan・Tan・Tan" (Gallery MAKI, 2009.Apr-May)
Cuban Dreams (Gallery MAKI, 2008.May-Jun)

<Dance Photography>
Sanae SEKI solo dance 『囲』 TOKYO SCENE 2010 (TheaterX,2010.Jul)
『水に響く踝』Roku HASEGAWA, Takao KAWAGUCHI, Sanae SEKI (Gallery MAKI, 2008.Aug-Sep)

"The past..."

The past
at least
is polite:
it keeps out of sight.

The present
is more recent.
It makes a fuss
but is unselfconscious.

The future
sinks through water
fast as a stone.
alone alone.

Elizabeth Bishop

Kotoko KANETA, born in Tokyo, in 1979, made my first photographs while a highschool student.